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[Extracted from the Green Ebenezer Prouty Mason Reunion Book]

Reunion Record of the Eben. P. Mason Family 1929----------

In August 1929 many of the "Mason" kin held their first reunion at the home of Mr. & Mrs. Charles Proctor, who live on the old home-stead at Donation Hill, near Corry, Pennsylvania.

All relatives present enjoyed the fellowship, and social time together, and resolved to make it an anuual affair.  No special business meeting was held, or officers elected at this time.  But a decision was made to meet at the old Home on August 9, 1930.
This date, in a way, being in memory of the birth of Eben P. Mason who was born near Nelson, N.Y. Aug. 5, 1805.  When 24 years of age he married Rebecca Taylor of Smithfield, N.Y. March 29, 1829.

Their first son, Joseph Cooley, was born here June 11, 1830.

Later they moved to a farm at Stranahan Corners. 3 miles north of Spartansburg, Pa. Here two children were born, Olive A. & Mary A.

In the fall of 1836, they moved to Donation Hill, Wayne Twp. Erie County Pa.  Eben {Ebenezer} Prouty Mason and his wife Rebecca Taylor, who was born November 6, 1806, bought the farm of 100a 'and allowance' [tract number 4] of Harm Jan Huidekoper, of Crawford County, agent for the Holland Land Company, for the sum of three hundred dollars.  The deed dated May 18, 1852.

These pioneers came to this new home, when they had to mark the trees, to blaze a trail, and were the first settlers on "Donation Hill" in 1836.

The name "Donation Tracts" refers to tracts of land in the vicinity, surveyed 'to be given as Soldier's Land."

Young, full of hope this worthy family built a 1 1/2 story loy house.  A house which was considered very good, as it really had a porch.  This porch was placed on the back part of the house, and part of it was used to shelter the fire wood.

In this home seven children were born.  Charles W., Nancy M., Cyntha M., Isaac P., Melissa C., Lucius M., and Loren W.

Faith in God, and the pioneer spirit eased the years of toil, and guided them in removing the forest, and subduing the ground.  The result of the Same spirit is seen in many fertile farms in every part of this country.

The Mason family had outgrown the log house, and in 1853 they built the substantial Home which has been in service until the present time.

The wife, and mother, Rebecca Taylor Mason, died Sept. 24, 1857 aged 51 yrs. 11 months, and 18 days.

After 3 years of mourning, Eben Mason married Almira Nichols on July 20, 1860.  Soon after the birth of a daughter, Lillie Almira, born May 18, 1861, Almira Nichols Mason died July 19, 1861.

A 3rd marriage occured Dec. 1864, with Mrs. Dortha Steel King who was born Aug. 5, 1806, died Jan. 14, 1890.

Eben Mason was a farmer, a Republican, and a member of the United Bretheren in Christ Church. at Wayne Valley.

Four of these sons were in Service during the Civil War-- Charles W. entered the Navy in 1862. Came home in 1863.  Isaac P. enlisted Feb. 2, 1864, Hamptons Battery F. Independant , Pa., Light Artillery.  Was discharged the last of June 1865.  Lucius H. went to the Civil War in Sept. 1864, also Loren W. who joined the Infantry.  After Lee surrendered they were discharged in Richmond, Va. until July 6, when the 3 came home in 1865.

Eben remained active, and in reasonably good health until a few weeks berfore his death which occured Jan. 29, 1894.  His body rests in the family plot in Beaverdam Cemetery.   Honest, sincere, patriotic, and God fearing, his spirit awaits the marvelous reunion at which the family will all be present.

Written by Minnie Proctor  [Minnie Rebecca Mason Proctor, Higley,]  daughter of Isaac [7th child] & Priscilla Starkweather Mason.